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  Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal the Anime serie

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MessageSujet: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal the Anime serie   Ven 25 Fév - 16:10

Une date est annoncée pour la diffusion sur TV Tokyo du premier épisode de cette nouvelles série Yu-Gi-Oh!

Page officielle de la série par ICI d) http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/yugioh-zexal/index.html

d) Le 11 avril 2011.


Citation :
1. Preview for Episode 1
Set in the Near Future. Tsukumo Yuuma aims to become a future Duel Champion, he's a boy with an energetic and vigorous spirit that takes on whatever comes his way. With "Kattobingu!" as his catchphrase, he keeps challenging everything, beliving in himself.However, despite loving Duels, he has the skills of a Grade A Amateur. To say nothing of becoming the Duel Champion, he'll have to obtain the title with a laundry list of defeats behind him.

One day, the Deck of Yuuma's friend, Tetsuo, is taken away from him. The one who did this horrible dead is the #1 Delinquint, "Shark". To get back Tetsuo's Deck, Yuuma challenges Shark to fight him in a Duel. But, Shark is so talented at Dueling that he's able to make good use of Exceeds Summoning, a method of summoning strong monsters, to the point that he's at the level of those who compete in Nation-wide Tournaments! Even though Yuuma seems like he should be intimidating by all means, something stirs inside him to fight back, to keep moving towards what's coming.

"Kattobingu da, Ore!!"

However, against Shark's brutal assault, Yuuma repeatedly keeps making Amateur mistakes. When he's pushed into a corner, the creepy door that always appears in Yuuma's dreams appears before him. At the moment he opens this locked door, countless points of light burst out from it. And the next moment, when he looks up, a mysterious entity is looking down at him with its arms folded, making him ask "Who are you!?". At that moment, the newest Legend in Dueling, the one of Tsukumo Yuuma, begins!!

Note: Tetsuo is not just specifically a friend. He's the sort of friend you know, who's a total ass to you, but still a nice guy. I'd use a more specific term, but the forum censors it.

2. OP & ED
Opening Theme
"Masutaapiisu (Masterpiece)" by mihimaru GT.
Universal Music LLC
Lyrics: Maki Nagayama & mitsuyuki miyake
Composer: HIKARI, hiroto suzuki & mitsuyuki miyake
Arrangement: HIKARI

Ending Theme
"Boku Kesuto (My Quest)" by Golden Bomber
(Euclid Agency/Marvelous Entertainment)
Lyrics & Music: Kiryuuin Shou (known as Vo-karu)

3. Cast List
Tsukumo Yuuma: Hatanaka Tasuku)
Astral: Irino Miyu
Kamishiro Ryouga: Masuda Toshiki
Midzuki Kotori: Komatsu Mikako
Takeda Tetsuo: Shimada Makoto
Tsukumo Akari: Miyahara Nami
Tsukumo Haru: Tani Ikuno

4. Staff Credits
Original Work & Character Drafts: Takahashi Kazuki, Studo Dice (Weekly Shonen Jump)
Project Planning: 川崎由紀夫 (of TV Tokyo)
監督桑原 智
Series Composer: Yoshida Shin
Duel Composer: Hikokubo Masahiro
Character Design: Takaya Hirotoshi
Accessory & Mechanical Design: Oowa Mitsuru
Art Director: 柴田 聡
Color Scheme: 箕輪綾美
CGI Producer: 永田 太
GGI Direction: 富田和仙
Photography Director:赤沢賢二
Sound Director: 松岡裕紀
Sound Production: Jinnan Studio
Music: Conisch
Music Production: Marvelous Entertainment
Music Collaboration: TV Tokyo Music
Casting Cooperation: 新沼 愛 (of Neruke Planning)
Animation Producer: 古谷大輔
Producer: 佐々木亮 (of TV Tokyo)
Animation Studio: Studio Gallop
Production: TV Tokyo, NAS

5. Character Profiles
A 13 Year Old in the 1st Grade of Middle School. Though he loves Dueling above all else, his skills are pitificul. With an inborn desire to help others, he's a Hot-Blooded punk who detests evil. Though he tends to jump to hasty conclusions too often and often carelessly blunders, he is not worried about failure. He's a boy who doesn't get down and keeps on challenging everything with all he has. When he was young, both of his parents went missing, and his family now consists of him, his sister Akari, and his Grandmother. His Grandma makes Duel Rice! He has a habit of saying "Kattobingu da ze! ORE!!"

A mysterious entity who is from a parallel universe. A clear-minded fellow with a Cool Personality, he's a Dueling Genus. He often clashes and fights with Yuma. His memories have scattered, becoming the 99 "Numbers Cards", so his purpose is a complete mystery.

His nickname is "Shark". He's Yuuma's upperclassman and the biggest Delinquint at School. He has his followers with him at all times. While having a natural calm personality, piss him off and you'll see a glimpse of a far nastier side. His Dueling prowess is so high he's able to participate at the Level of National Tournaments.

Yuuma's childhood friend. Due to her unyielding personality, she tends to prod Yuuma about his screw-ups. She's friends with Akari and Yuuma's Grandmother. She has absolutely zero clue about Dueling.

A Classmate of Yuuma's who tends to mock him at every turn. But in truth, he's really a nice boy.

Yuuma's 20 Year old sister. She makes good use of the Internet as a Work-at-home Journalist, allowing her to chase the latest scoop. She tends to be morally strict on Yuuma, acting as his mother in place of their own, but she honestly worries about him.

A 70 year old woman. She has a gentle personality who rarely gets upset at anything. She secretly assists Yuuma in his duels. How? With Yuuma's power source: her super-nutritious "Duel Rice".

In a city in the near future, in the Heartland, kids and adults are nuts about Augmented Reality Duels. Augmented Reality Duels are Duels that use D-Gazers and D-Pads, which when the two are used together, on the ground or in the sky, monsters can erupt from buildings and fight each other, it's a Super-Charged Duel!

But there's no-one in town who's crazier about dueling than our hero, Tsukumo Yuuma. At a beginner level, he's a Champion at absolutely losing. Due to a certain event, Yuuma ends up challenging the #1 Delinquint at his school, Ryouga. The Duel before him will greatly change Yuuma's destiny...!

A bizarre door that usually appears in Yuuma's dreams suddenly appears in the midst of this fight. When he unlocks this sealed door, countless lights fly from the door... and when he next looks up... The mysterious entity, Astral, who came from a parallel universe, stands before him.

In order to regain Astral's lost memories, which have turned into the 99 "Numbers Cards", these two must work together. What is Astral's true purpose appearing here? And what one earth is with the existence of the new monsters known as "Number Monsters"? A series of mysterious powerful rivals begin to appear before Yuuma and Astral, which begins to explain the mystery...

With this combination, the curtain on a new Dueling Legend is about to rise on the world!


Dernière édition par Hellkaiser-DarkCiD le Ven 25 Fév - 16:13, édité 1 fois
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Messages : 115
Age : 37
Date d'inscription : 27/01/2011
Localisation : Banlieue lyonnaise

MessageSujet: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal the Anime serie   Ven 25 Fév - 16:11

En spoiler, une série de photos et d'images autour de la série Zexal et tirée d'une émission japonaise diffusée il y quelques jours ! Le JanBANG's show !

1ère série : Cliquez sur spoiler !


2ème série : Cliquez sur spoiler !



Je suis en veine cet après-midi, voici en spoiler 4 images inédites tirées de la série !

3ème série : Cliquez sur spoiler !



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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal the Anime serie
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